Sunday, September 12, 2010


Alright, so tonight was the weirdest night of my entire life. I used to think my life was boring, but no more!!! I have 2 new roommates now and Princess Ariel is not here at school anymore. So to keep the first part of the story short:

A few days ago we met an apartment of guys in our ward. They are in the same apartment that our friends from last semester were in. Lashes still lives there and we went to visit him. He had told us that his roommates were a little strange and liked video games too much. We wanted to see for ourselves. When we got there they all welcomed us in. They sat on chairs and let us take the couches. They were all super funny and fun to be around. Then they invited us to dinner the following sunday where they would be cooking us dinner. We gladly accepted. So in the couple days until dinner, this is what happened:

Brain started to really like my roommate jasmine, Jasmine started to really like Brain's roommate, Hips. Hips started to REALLLLY like my other roommate Bell. In the meantime I was starting to like their OTHER roommate 6ft3. This love triangle was starting to spin out of control as we were spending everyday with those guys.

Then came sunday dinner. Jasmine was trying desperately to avoid Brain while Hips was going after Bell. Hips cooked dinner for us, and it was delicious. Afterwards there was a fireside and I got to sit next to 6ft3 on the couch. I was so happy, but he seemed afraid to touch me, so I thought he didn't like me back. We invited them to stadium singing. I was trying to make a lot of eye contact with 6ft3 to get his attention. Then we left.

That night Bell and I were doing Kermit impressions (a guy from a class at home who is kinda strange...) when 6ft3 and Hips showed up to go stadium singing. We did a few more impressions for laughs and then we all left. 6ft3 carried my book for me. I ended up walking with him and I later found out that Hips was teasing us behind our backs (literally). Then when we got to stadium singing we ended up getting squished around the corner from the rest of our group. We sang for a half hour (getting squished against the wall b/c everyone was passing by us). I didn't mind b/c I was close to him...

On the way back we couldn't find anyone else so he walked with me. He tried to teach me how to role my "R's" in spanish and we talked a little bit. He was a really funny guy! We got to the stairs of my apartment complex and he ended up walking me to the door. We got to that awkward spot where you don't know how to say goodnight. There was too long of a pause so I said, "I guess I'll give you a hug...?" We hugged, and then I came into the apartment to find out that 6ft3 likes me back, Hips confessed his love for Bell to Jasmine (awkward), and a few other things. I was feeling very happy that my feelings were returned so princess Aurora and I started lowering objects out of our windows and banging on the window underneath ours. The boys in the apartment across from us found this very amusing and took the fall for our prank when the girl opened her window and asked if they were throwing things at her window. So all this led to two apartments of boys competing for our love and singing songs for us across the parking lot off their roof. What a night :P

P.S. This all happened within 3 days... wow.

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