Monday, May 31, 2010

The Delta Phi Philosophy

When we are in distress in our apartment, and need a man's perspective, we know who to call. Our FHE dad, Mushu. He is a pretty cool guy, and went we need the help of a guy he is always willing to come to our rescue. He helped me out when I had an awkward date situation recently, so I told one of my FHE sisters about his wisdom of dating. I immediately sent a message to Mushu, telling him that our sister (his FHE daughter) needed advice, and he should come over. He came over exactly 3 minutes after he got back into town (he was gone for memorial day weekend). I thought I should publish a very interesting piece of information he gave to us. Here it is as acurately as I can remember:
There are 5 different types of guys:
1. The pre-mi-- this is the guy who has not been on a mission yet (pre-missionary). He is not very mature yet, because he hasn't had those humbling mission experiences that teach you important life lessons and turn you from a boy to a man. They are not a good idea to date except for that first curtesy date (I'll get the that later), because it causes isses when it comes time for the guy to leave, if not earlier.
2. The Dad-- Mushu put himself in this category and I'll give it to him even though I'm not sure it really exists. This is the guy who is a pre-mi, but is the protective father-like figure. He is a very good friend and is always there when you need him. People generally like this guy very much, even though he has not been on a mission yet.
3. The Catholic-- This is a guy who is very loyal. He picks one girl and sticks to her. No one else is interesting to him. This can be a good thing if a girl likes the attention, but he can also come off very clingy and that freaks some girls out. This can also ruin his chances with a girl if he gets too clingy too quickly.
4. The Mormon-- He is the typical mormon guy. As Mushu said, "This is the kind of guy you want." He will date a lot and is very likely to take you out to have a really fun time. He follows all the dating rules (I'll also get to that later).
5. The born again Christian-- He is the type who will lead you on. You think he really likes you but then when he gets sick of you he cuts you off.

I found this all enlightening. Although, I am still wondering why they gave these different types of guys names based off different religions rather than animals or some other topic. It's beyond me. Anyways, getting back to the curtesy first date. That is a girl's name for any first date with a guy she isn't really that interested in. Even if a girl doesn't really like a guy, she should always say yes to the first date. This gives the guy a chance. To say no to a first date means REALLY not liking a guy unless she has a legit reason not to go out with him. This date also gives the girl a chance to get to know the guy a little bit before crossing him off her "list." Crossing a guy off without giving them a chance to prove themselves is a horrible thing to do. If the girl does like the guy who asked her out, it is not considered a curtesy first date, it's just a first date.

Also getting back to dating rules... Mushu told us there are certain rules guys have. For example, you can't kiss her until at least the third date. I think that rule makes perfect sense. Making that move too soon will totally freak a lot of girls out. Another rule he told us is that a guy should never ask the girl on a second date until at least 24 hours after the date ends. That way she has time to sleep on it. This is totally true. If a guy asks her out right away after the first date this is what usually happens (I've seen it a million times):

The girl will say no, because she is suprised and didn't know what to say. She feels pressured and awkward so she says no in order to avoid more awkwardness.


She will say yes. She might be okay if she really likes you, but usually she will go home and start thinking and reflecting on the date, realizing that she shouldn't have agreed to a second date. She isn't so sure how she feels about you yet so she starts to get really uncofortable about the whole thing. This will make he dread the second date and possibly ruin the chance of a third.

Blue Jeans

I have decided that awkward moments are an amazing thing. I mean how boring would life be if everyone was completely comfortable all the time? The best stories I have ever heard in my entire life had some kind of awkward moment in it. I have them all the time! In the middle of that moment I never think to myself, "wow, this is awesome! I am getting so embarrassed right now! I think I'll do this more often!" However, looking back on those moments I think, "Wow, I can't believe I did that! I am such a goof-ball!" I'll give an example:
Yesterday I was walking to relief society and I saw a cute guy. I went into the rolief society room and put my stuff down, then I went to get drink of water. I saw some people I knew on the way back to the relief society room. I said hello and then went back and sat down.
Boring story, right? Lets put in the awkward moments and make it way better:
Yesterday when I was about to walk into the relief society room I saw the guy I liked talking to some people and I started scrambling in my head for a reason to stay out in hall a little longer so that I could smile and say hello to him. We went into the room, but I just put my stuff on the seat and mummbled to Princess Aurora something about needing a drink of water. I walked back out of the room and he was still there talking to people, with his back to my direction. I walked all the way down the hall to the water fountain and got a drink of water. Then I started walking back. I saw my FHE brother on the way back and talked to him a little bit so I could stall a little longer. Then he walked off to go to priesthood. I was more than halfway back when all of the sudden... there he was! I prettymuch thought I was a genius at that moment. I smiled and said hello. He said hello back but we kept walking. Then all he turned back around and asked me a question about an activity I had gone to. I smiled :) He walked back towards me and we talked for a couple minutes. When he left he said, "Take care!" and I was just filled with happiness. I didn't even tell Princess Aurora about it until later. I told her the reason I went to go get some water was because I wanted to talk to a guy. She exclaimed, "That's why you left?!" and then, "Ohhhhh youuuuu," while shaking her head. I felt so silly.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday, was amazing. My roommate, princess Aurora, and I got invited to go to the ice caves. They are about a 40 minute drive north of town. I had never been there so I didn't know what to expect at all. We met the Hulk and his roommate, Lashes, at their apartment. They had invited other people, but no one could come so it was just the four of us. Somehow we ended up driving two cars. I went with Lashes, and Princess Aurora went with the Hulk. It's not that I didn't want to ride with the Hulk, I just see him all the time since he is in my group for a class. Lashes on the other hand, I don't see very much, and I wanted to take this opportunity to get to know him better. I very much enjoyed talking to him on the drive down to the caves. He was easy to talk to and I didn't get bored or uncomfortable. After about a half hour of driving we turned onto a dirt road. It had just rained so it was incredibly muddy. Not only that, but there were gaping ditches and crevices in the road, filled with water. Driving on this road was more like off-roading. Luckily we were in a jeep, and the Hulk drives a truck. I was bouncing around crazily in my seat, but it was okay with me! I was laughing and smiling. It was like riding a roller coaster (only for ten minutes straight)! At one point my phone beeped loudly, telling me I got a text message. I realized that my phone had flown off my lap and was now between the seat and car door somewhere. I couldn't find it at that moment becasue of all the crazy bouncing.

Finally we pulled over to a grassy-ish area and got out of the car. There was this huge crater in the ground. When we walked over to it, I looked down. There was a straight drop maybe 30 feet high (that isn't accurate because I am horrible at height estimation). The Hulk pointed out the carcus of a cow at the mouth of the cave. He said that in the Fall it had fallen off the edge, and it's been there ever since. We went around to a spot that was easy to climb down, and walked to the cave. The smell of the cow was terrible, but we stopped to take pictures. The entrance of the cave appeared to be flooded with water. It looked deep, but the Hulk threw a heavy rock across the top and was saw that it was thick ice with only a few millimeters of water over it. When we walked across it, it looked like we were walking on water! A little way into the cave, the ground becomes solid ice, and the ceiling was low enough that we had to crawl. we could slide over the ice like penguines in order to go deeper. The only light we had was the light of our flashlights. The walls glittered when our lights hit it. It was beautiful. The further in we got, the more graffiti was on the wall. Finally, we came to the end. A mass of ice was there; perfect to slide down. there were foot holes and a slide carved out of the ice, from where, possibley, thousands of people had walked up and slide back down the iceburg.

I think my favorite part in the ice caves is when we almost got stuck. There is a point on the way back out of the cave, that is hard to get back up, because you will get so far only to slide back down again. It wasn't even very long; just slippery. The Hulk went first. He got up okay, because he had done this several times before. Princess Aurora went next. She had more trouble, so I braced myself on a rock with my foot and she pushed herself off my hands. The Hulk pulled her up the rest of the way. I tried to get up on my own with no luck, because I was laughing so hard at myself. I kept getting halfway, only to slide back down. I even kicked Lashes in the head a couple times. Oops! Finally, Lashes gave me a foothold with his hands, like I had done for Princess Aurora, and the Hulk hauled me up the rest of the way. It made me realize the importance of teamwork, and traveling with a buddy. It was really refreshing to go out into nature and get soaking wet, dirty, and tired. I'm glad they invited us to go with them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Not Too Young

Last night I was tossing and turning in bed, when my phone made that special noise that says to me, "You just got a text message!" Since I was already having trouble sleeping, and I would not be able to sleep when I was wondering who the message was from, I rolled out of my bed and walked out into the hallway to get my phone. It was a message from The Hulk. Our conversation went kinda like this:
"Hey, you still awake?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I can't remember which part of the group project I was supposed to do." I told him which part I thought he was supposed to do.
He said, "okay thanks. P.S... are you really only 18?" (Yesterday he had been complaining about how a girl in our group was unreliable because she was an 18-year-old, and I told him "Hey! I'm 18!).
"Yes I am. Why? How old did you think I was?"
"I don't know. At least 20. Sorry for hatin' on 18-year-olds earlier."
I accepted easily since I was flattered that he thought I was 20. I had been debating earlier about how this guy, Blue Jeans, wouldn't like me because he was older, and he wouldn't ever like a little girl. So what The Hulk told me made me feel pretty dang good.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hulk

Today I had to meet with my group for my least favorite class. A quick way to make any class worse than it already is, is to add a lot of group work. It's stressful enough to worry about getting your own work done without having to worry about other people's too. I hate having part of my grade depend on someone else that is randomly selected from the class. Anyways, my favorite person in my group is the Hulk. He is in my student ward and back home he lives about half an hour from my city, so we have a lot to talk about. Besides that, he is also very reliable and makes my life easier.
Today when our group met together, the Hulk was eating a bag of Munchies. If you don't know what those are, it is a mix of pretzels, Doritos, Sun Chips, and something else I can't remember. About five minutes after he finished eating them, he gave a nasty belch. It was the kind that has the potential of being very loud if you open your mouth and let it rip. However, he kindly stifled it by keeping his mouth closed. There is just one problem here: Stifling the smell does absolutly nothing about the smell. A second after he burped, he started talking and I got a nice whiff. At that moment I completely envied any person who had a cold that stuffed them up really bad. My stomach squirmed. I didn't breath for about the rest of the group meeting (which was luckily not very long). When I left the library a few minutes later, I gratefully breathed in fresh air.

Frogs, Because They are Colorful

A couple months ago, before I came to school my manager asked me a couple questions that seemed simple enough:
"What is your favorite color?" She asked me.
It seemed so out of the blue, but without hesitation I answered, "Green!" The next question took more thought.
"Why green?" I paused to think, but finally came to a conclution.
"It's a pretty color." Then she asked me another ramdom question.
"What is your favorite animal?"
"Because they are cool, and come in almost every color." I was a little suspicious, because she was smiling to herself during our whole converation, so I asked her why she asked. She then proceeded to tell me that she had performed a psycological expiriment on me! In one of her classes she had learned that the reason someone says they like their favorite color tells you what they think of themselves. They reason they have for liking their favorite animal tells you what they think OTHER people think of them. So according to the test, I think I'm pretty, and I think OTHER people think I am cool and... well the other one I don't really know. Maybe "coming in every color" goes along with what people tell me all the time. Even my mother tells me that I am very difficult to read. It's impossible to know what I am thinking about, and in most cases what I am feeling. At least that is my explaination. However, the point of writing this blog is to help me improve myself. I know, in my head who I want to be. I will recording as much as I can of my journey to becoming that person. I don't think I am not good as I am, but I know that I can be a much better version of myself. I have always felt that there is a person inside of me trying to escape the forcefield I constantly have up. I know when I have let it down, temporarily, because I am filled with an overwhelming happiness. I am saying "filled" for lack of a better word, since I don't feel filled at all, but more like I am becoming lighter. So wish me luck!