Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pools of Water are not for bathrooms

Earlier this week I went to go use the ladies room, but our bathroom was occupied by one of my roommates who was showering. I was going to use the other toilet, but my other roommate had to pee too so I decided to let her go first. When she came out I was talking to two of my other roommates, so it took me a minute before I walked into the bathroom. When I stepped past the door frame onto the bathmat I looked down to see a stream of water rush past my feet against the wall. I was rather confused for a moment about where the water was coming from. "uhhhh... guys? There is a river in our bathroom. Where is the water coming from?" I asked them. They came and looked just as I realized that the water was pouring out from under the toilet seat. I lifted it up to find the toilet overflowing. I went into a germaphobic panic and leapt into the bathtub. All of the sudden everyone was yelling and jumping onto the counter. By the time I figured out how to lift the bulb to stop to water flow-age, both bathrooms and the vanity area had been flooded with an inch of water. Someone got the plunger and plunged the toilet until the water went down. I climbed onto the counter and scooted across it and onto the carpet where I could leap to safety. Luckily not everyone in the apartment is afraid of toilet water, because they weren't afraid to mop it up while I went into the kitchen where I proceeded to wash my hands twice and wipe my feet and legs down with lysol wipes. I went to go try to help clean it up, but I got instantly nauseous and had to leave to wash my hands again.

A couple days later I woke up in a groggy, cranky, college-student-who-hasn't slept-all-week daze. I was mostly blind as I stumbled from my bedroom, because my eyes were too puffy to open, and the light burned. Every morning the first thing I have to do is go pee, otherwise my pee cycle will be off the rest of the day, so I scuttled into the restroom. The first thing I noticed was that I was standing in a puddle of cold shower water. "Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!! I yelled before withdrawing to use the other bathroom and mumbling about lazy people who didn't wipe up their mess after they showered. Honestly, people, water belongs IN the toilet and IN the shower, not ALL over the floor.

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  1. dang girl! i better not move back into that apt! jk!