Monday, May 31, 2010

Blue Jeans

I have decided that awkward moments are an amazing thing. I mean how boring would life be if everyone was completely comfortable all the time? The best stories I have ever heard in my entire life had some kind of awkward moment in it. I have them all the time! In the middle of that moment I never think to myself, "wow, this is awesome! I am getting so embarrassed right now! I think I'll do this more often!" However, looking back on those moments I think, "Wow, I can't believe I did that! I am such a goof-ball!" I'll give an example:
Yesterday I was walking to relief society and I saw a cute guy. I went into the rolief society room and put my stuff down, then I went to get drink of water. I saw some people I knew on the way back to the relief society room. I said hello and then went back and sat down.
Boring story, right? Lets put in the awkward moments and make it way better:
Yesterday when I was about to walk into the relief society room I saw the guy I liked talking to some people and I started scrambling in my head for a reason to stay out in hall a little longer so that I could smile and say hello to him. We went into the room, but I just put my stuff on the seat and mummbled to Princess Aurora something about needing a drink of water. I walked back out of the room and he was still there talking to people, with his back to my direction. I walked all the way down the hall to the water fountain and got a drink of water. Then I started walking back. I saw my FHE brother on the way back and talked to him a little bit so I could stall a little longer. Then he walked off to go to priesthood. I was more than halfway back when all of the sudden... there he was! I prettymuch thought I was a genius at that moment. I smiled and said hello. He said hello back but we kept walking. Then all he turned back around and asked me a question about an activity I had gone to. I smiled :) He walked back towards me and we talked for a couple minutes. When he left he said, "Take care!" and I was just filled with happiness. I didn't even tell Princess Aurora about it until later. I told her the reason I went to go get some water was because I wanted to talk to a guy. She exclaimed, "That's why you left?!" and then, "Ohhhhh youuuuu," while shaking her head. I felt so silly.

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