Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hulk

Today I had to meet with my group for my least favorite class. A quick way to make any class worse than it already is, is to add a lot of group work. It's stressful enough to worry about getting your own work done without having to worry about other people's too. I hate having part of my grade depend on someone else that is randomly selected from the class. Anyways, my favorite person in my group is the Hulk. He is in my student ward and back home he lives about half an hour from my city, so we have a lot to talk about. Besides that, he is also very reliable and makes my life easier.
Today when our group met together, the Hulk was eating a bag of Munchies. If you don't know what those are, it is a mix of pretzels, Doritos, Sun Chips, and something else I can't remember. About five minutes after he finished eating them, he gave a nasty belch. It was the kind that has the potential of being very loud if you open your mouth and let it rip. However, he kindly stifled it by keeping his mouth closed. There is just one problem here: Stifling the smell does absolutly nothing about the smell. A second after he burped, he started talking and I got a nice whiff. At that moment I completely envied any person who had a cold that stuffed them up really bad. My stomach squirmed. I didn't breath for about the rest of the group meeting (which was luckily not very long). When I left the library a few minutes later, I gratefully breathed in fresh air.

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