Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frogs, Because They are Colorful

A couple months ago, before I came to school my manager asked me a couple questions that seemed simple enough:
"What is your favorite color?" She asked me.
It seemed so out of the blue, but without hesitation I answered, "Green!" The next question took more thought.
"Why green?" I paused to think, but finally came to a conclution.
"It's a pretty color." Then she asked me another ramdom question.
"What is your favorite animal?"
"Because they are cool, and come in almost every color." I was a little suspicious, because she was smiling to herself during our whole converation, so I asked her why she asked. She then proceeded to tell me that she had performed a psycological expiriment on me! In one of her classes she had learned that the reason someone says they like their favorite color tells you what they think of themselves. They reason they have for liking their favorite animal tells you what they think OTHER people think of them. So according to the test, I think I'm pretty, and I think OTHER people think I am cool and... well the other one I don't really know. Maybe "coming in every color" goes along with what people tell me all the time. Even my mother tells me that I am very difficult to read. It's impossible to know what I am thinking about, and in most cases what I am feeling. At least that is my explaination. However, the point of writing this blog is to help me improve myself. I know, in my head who I want to be. I will recording as much as I can of my journey to becoming that person. I don't think I am not good as I am, but I know that I can be a much better version of myself. I have always felt that there is a person inside of me trying to escape the forcefield I constantly have up. I know when I have let it down, temporarily, because I am filled with an overwhelming happiness. I am saying "filled" for lack of a better word, since I don't feel filled at all, but more like I am becoming lighter. So wish me luck!

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