Friday, June 11, 2010

FedEx Carrot

This morning a FedEx truck pulled into the Delta Phi Parking lot outside our bedroom window. We are on the third floor, so when the truck parked itself, it was in just the perfect spot that if we took our screen out of our window, we probably could have jumped on top of it. I decided I didn't want to die today, so Princess Aurora opened just the bottom of the screen and I stuck my hand out the window. I took some of the carrots I was eating and started chucking them on top of the truck. Unfortunatly only one of them stayed on the top of the truck. The rest of them rolled off the other side or fell short. Giggling like crazy, Princess Aurora and I watched the FedEx truck turn around in the parking lot and continue on its way with the carrot still on top of it.

People keep telling me that I could easily be older than 20 because I act so mature for my age. I think they say that because they haven't seen me in moments like this. I can do some pretty goofy things at times.

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