Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My ironic dating life...

Today in weight training class I benched 70 pounds for 3 sets of 8 reps! I am so proud. I do not envy the person who trys to attack me, because they will get a pretty solid sock in the face.

Nothing huge happened today, but I did a lot of thinking. I have discovered that everytime I decide to give up on finding a man to date, I get asked on a date by someone I don't want to go on a date with. I think I am just very focused and VERY picky when it comes to guys, so if someone asks me on a date who I didn't first think wow I would really like it if that guy asked me on a date then I am likely to have a slight to huge panic attack inside. It is pretty impressive how composed I appear to be on the outside when I am about to throw up inside. Maybe I am all over the place and making no sense right now, but that is probably due to my intense lack of sleep this week. I was doing homework until 3am last night... or should I say this morning? So what can I learn from my discovery today? I should never give up on guys no matter how much I want to because if I do, I'll get asked on unwanted dates. (?)

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  1. i like this discovery. your blogs make me smile inside because i ramble all the time too. i fear if i were to ramble as you do on your blog all my life's secrets, along with my guts would come out onto the screen. not a pretty picture. lol.
    on the other side...GET SOME SLEEP GIRL! :]