Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drinking Water

Today I went running to prepare for my race on Saturday. It was 83 degrees outside, and I hadn't had more than one bottle of water to drink all day, so I was dehydrated. I had to stop to walk several times. It frustrated me a lot because the race is in two days! I had to stop running for a while because I got sick with something awful. I had a fever and a head cold that moved into my chest. I finally felt better enough to go running this week, but now my lungs feel HORRIBLY out of shape. On my way past the stadium I stopped underneath and headed straight for the water fountain. I stood in a hunched over position with my head resting on my arms and I let the water flow over my arm and lips for a while. At first I couldn't swallow, since my throat and mouth were so parched, so I had to open my mouth and get it wet before I could swallow. I think I have never appreciated water so much in my whole life. What a blessing it is! When I felt a little better I left the shade of the stadium and finished my run. I was at the last corner before getting home when I saw a familiar truck. The hulk and my FHE brother were in it honking and waving at me. I waved back, but I don't know where the energy came from, because I was exhausted.

When I finally made it home I collapsed on my bed and worked up enough energy to get up and stretch. While I stretched I put a reminder in my phone every hour for the next two days that I need to drink water. The rest of the day, every hour my phone rang, telling me to drink water. I hope I don't kill myself in this 5 mile race. I want to run it in under 50 minutes. It's supposed to be in the mid 70's on Saturday... wish me luck!

Oh and here is a funny story of the day: I was drinking water (like I'm supposed to) and I took too big of a gulp. Then Lashes and Princess Aurora started singing to the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack and it was hilarious! So I laughed, which made me swallow my water funny and a little bit of it went down the wrong tube. I started choking so I ran to the sink right as it all spewed from my mouth. I was choking and coughing and laughing like crazy, but I didn't want my dear friends to realize that I was laughing at them so I went running from the room to compose myself again. Princess Ariel saw this all happen, and she laughed at me. That only made it harder to keep a straight face when I walked back in the room.

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